Tarangire National Park - Experience the Wild Side of Tanzania

Discover the Diverse Wildlife and Scenic Landscapes of Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets, offering a unique safari experience that is not to be missed. This park is known for its diverse wildlife and scenic landscapes, from rolling hills to ancient baobab trees. At Fable Adventure, we offer all-inclusive tour packages to Tarangire National Park, providing an unforgettable safari experience.

Explore the Wildlife of Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes, and giraffes. The park is also home to hundreds of bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. You may also see lesser-known wildlife, such as the fringe-eared oryx and the gerenuk, a long-necked antelope.

Experience the Beauty and Adventure of Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park offers a range of activities to suit all kinds of visitors. You can take a game drive through the park’s diverse landscapes, or embark on a walking safari to explore the park on foot. For a unique experience, you can take a night drive to witness the park’s nocturnal wildlife in action. You can also visit a nearby Maasai village to learn more about local culture and traditions.

Our Tarangire National Park Tour Packages

At Fable Adventure, we offer a range of Tarangire National Park tour packages, tailored to meet the needs and interests of different travelers. Our all-inclusive packages include accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities, ensuring that you have a hassle-free safari experience. Our expert guides are knowledgeable about the park’s wildlife and will ensure that you have a safe and unforgettable adventure.

Luxury Tarangire Safari

Our luxury Tarangire safari is perfect for travelers who want to experience the park in comfort and style. You’ll stay in some of the best lodges and camps in the park, with amenities like swimming pools, spas, and gourmet restaurants. Our experienced guides will take you on game drives to see the park’s wildlife up close, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for photography and relaxation

Budget Tarangire Safari

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to experience Tarangire National Park, our budget safari tours are an excellent choice. We offer camping tours that allow you to experience the park’s wilderness firsthand, with tents, sleeping bags, and all necessary equipment provided. Our guides are knowledgeable and experienced, and will ensure that your safari is safe and enjoyable.

Book Your Tarangire Safari with Fable Adventure

Ready to experience the wild side of Tanzania? Book your Tarangire safari with Fable Adventure today and discover the diverse wildlife and scenic landscapes of this amazing national park. Contact us to learn more about our packages and start planning your unforgettable safari.


Did you know that Tarangire is home to over 500 bird species on the globe? On our safari, local guides carry the latest bird watching equipment so you can get an up close view of the mesmerizing creatures in their natural habitat. To top it off, we continuously educate tourists while enroute, and help them learn more about how the ecosystem in the Tarangire continues to flourish.


Who says Tanzania is only known for its exuberant wildlife? As coveted tourist guides, we continue to be mesmerized by the richness of human evolution documented in Africa. And that’s exactly why we make sure that you’re able to as well. When in Tarangire, you can explore hundreds of spellbinding rock paintings tucked near Kolo. These ancient paintings tell a story of their own, prompting our beloved tourists to capture pictures for the gram.


Not fond of touring amazing places in a car? With Fable Safari, you can explore the ancient baobabs in the area on foot! Our tourists have complete autonomy on how they choose to discover the landscape. Tarangire’s jaw dropping skyline is marked by a cascade of lush baobab trees that make it perfect for game season sightings. We are also partnered with nearby camp organizers to help you get a sweet deal on affordable camps, to spend the night stargazing.


Dive deep into the depths of jaw dropping locations in Tanzania to create memories that last forever. Rely on Fable Safari to design an experience of a lifetime, and discover the glory of natural wonders in ways you have never before. Choose from our plans or get in touch with our dedicated representatives for a bespoke package suited to your needs.

Facts About Tarangire


Tarangire National Park has over 2500 elephants, when you are in the park, it's very common to see a large group of elephants. You won't drive for 2 miles without spotting an elephant in Tarangire national park.

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Tarangire is the second national park with highest number of wildlife after Serengeti National Park. It has rare animals like wild dogs and antelopes such as gerenuk (giraffe gazelle). It also has more than five hundred species of birds.


It's very common to see baobab tree in Tarangire National Park. These trees are believed to have existed in the park for more than eight thousand years.

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